Housing neonates in large enclosure

If I were to get a neonate snake under 6months in age, specifically a jungle carpet python, could I house him in an animal plastics T10 (4’ x 2’ x 15".)

Do you think the snake would be stressed? I would include appropriately sized hides, water, and etc. It would be easier than changing out enclosures based on growth as is normally done. Thanks!

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I would advise against it and get a divider to make the cage half that size.


I think that’ll be the plan then, gonna be a happy snek.

It is going to depend n the individual animal. I have a yearling bredli that I have kept in a 3’ Neodesha since the day I got her. She loves it, does great in there. I have a buddy with a similar age bredli that he has to keep in a 6qt tub because it hates anything larger.

If you were going to go the T10 route then I would offer an abundance of hides and cover. I would also make sure there were excessive numbers of climbing opportunities (and even arboreal hide setups) because the babies are very much arboreal in habit and that would offer the best fit for its mindset