How about an edit for "Sold to (Other Morph Market user)?"

Sometimes buyers reach out with a question about one animal and end up buying another, without having generated a separate inquiry on the second animal. (Sometimes the second animal isn’t even listed yet.) I’ve been on both sides of this type of transaction.

Today I marked another one like this “Sold” and it occurred to me that it would be cool if I could edit the field and insert the buyer’s MorphMarket user name. Part of the reason is as a backup for my records, part of the reason is reviews. As a buyer, I’m faithful about leaving reviews. I greatly appreciate reviews as a seller, and I’m happy to get reviews as a purchaser. I know I could ask the buyers to do a separate inquiry, but that feels pushy, burdensome, off-putting and just not something I really want to ask. (As a buyer, I do generate the second inquiry if the animal is listed.)

I’m not tech savvy enough to know how big an ask this is, but I thought I’d throw it out there.


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Flagging you guys in on this


what you can do is have the person just send you an “inquiry” on the animal they purchased so that way you can mark it as sold to them.


Oh that would have been handy for me when I bought my male crystal a couple years back… While talking about him, I spotted a female from the same breeder and took them both.

Didn’t think to do the inquiry on the female for the MM credit. =n=;


I just encountered this twice, each time the buyer inquired about one and ended up buying two! Which is great, but I did have to put bought by another MorphMarket member because I couldn’t add the name in unless both snakes inquiries were made. I really didn’t want to tell them to please go make a official inquiry on my other snake. I could have, both customers were great, received great reviews and gave great reviews, but I didn’t want to bother them with making another official inquiry for no real reason. It would be great just to have a way to just physically type the customer name in. For situations like this. Thanks @caryl for bringing this up!


This is exactly what I’m saying! It’s not like I think the customer on the transaction today would’ve really minded, but I don’t want to ask a customer to go out of their way to do something as a favor to me. And then hope they give me a good review for… doing me a favor? Nope, not gonna be asking for that.


I totally get this request. It is annoying to have to ask them to send an inquiry, but currently that it the right course of action.

We might consider this in the future, however within a few months we’re going to add orders/payments on the site. This will allow you to invoice a user with regard to any inquiry. Provided you use the feature, it should address the issue.

We’ll keep this topic around though in case it does not.



This is nice! Yet another way you folks are ahead of the curve. Bravo.