How are Topic Views Counted?

So while I was looking back at previous messages I noticed there were more views then people who I added to the convo. Can @john or @stewart_reptiles give me some insight if I may be missing something? Or does this actually need to fixed?

Important thing to note is that only @john and @stewart_reptiles were added to this. I wanted to clear a mistake on my part as you can see in the screen shot

Hmmmm. That’s a little strange. I hope it just counts every time one of the included parties looks at is as a “view?”

It is, everytime you or I since was part of the conversation go back to it to view it icounts as one view, I just went back to view the conversation again a few times and the number went up, a little confusing if not used to that system but rest assured that PM stay private.


Thank you for clearing that up! I’m not worried just because the convos are just light conversations but I was still interested in why it said that there were more views than people I invited to see it.