How big of a heating Matt needed?

Hello there, I recently purchased a 32qt sterilite bin (Dimensions 23L, 16.5W, 6.5H) and I was wondering if a 30 gallon Heating Matt would be appropriate? I have a 10-20 gallon pad but it seems a bit small. Any recommendations? Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve always used a mat that covers the width of the tub and around 20% of the length of the tub leaving a couple inches from the back. So going from back (hot side) 10% clear, 20% heat mat 70% clear for the gradient towards the front. As long as you have your approx 90° hot spot. I wouldnt over think things mate.

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The hot spot does not have to be huge especially in tubs which are more efficient and retain heat a lot better as an example, many people using 32 or 41 quarts tubs for their animals will only have a 3 to 4 inches stripe of heat tape running through the back of the tub.

Usually if I use a 32 quarts stand alone tub for quarantine purposes I will have a heat mat (I use Ultratherm ) that is 6x11 inches