How big should a yr old MBK be?

Any thoughts on where my approaching one year old Mexican Black Kingsnake should be? I read threads discussing overweight snakes and I worry that she might be on the small side… I realize kings aren’t as thick as those ball pythons. But, I’d like to think she is healthy and growing.

At 11 months, she is about 23” long, and tipped the scales at 85g a couple weeks back. She never says no to a meal. Eating fuzzy mice at the moment, I can’t imagine that little mouth could survive a hopper!

Can you give us pictures of her at good angles?

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At the moment she is a little ornery due to a pending shed. I’ll gets some pics once she has changed her clothes.

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I believe that’s about on point for that age. The ones I’ve seen were all about that size. Unfortunately mine was about 3 when I got him and about 230ish.

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That’s sounds like she is a good size for her age. Here is my old 2yr old MBK for reference. They grow kinda slow compared to some other species. But I also grow all my snakes slow so if you do too, she’s perfectly adequate for her size at that age.


Sasha is a little camera-shy…

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Personally they look solid and right on track for what you would expect from the species.