How can you tell the Morph?

Hi! How would I tell the morph of a baby? What do I need to do to see it?

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Here is a great example of IDing a leopard gecko.

@westridge and @mblaney will be able to help you out with what to look for in certain animals and you can alway go through the Marketplace and look through images of each morph until you work out what’s going on.

If you post a picture, I will do my best to ID the baby, but they change a lot in the first few months as they gain their adult color and pattern. Some morphs can be easily identified at birth, others take time to develop



Post some clear pictures of your leo from above, then a macro shot of each eye. (So, one from above, a close-up Right eye, and a close up of Left eye.) Then everyone on the forum can take a guess! Though I do think @westridge is better at morph IDs than i am.

For me, I learned some of the basic terms from the Classified sections of a ton of websites, researching breeders, plus this very forum is a great resource! :blush:

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lil help with an I.D. if ya can. Only thing i may think is diablo blanco?

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Definitely Albino (unknown line) and Blizzard, probably Eclipse as well, but it can be a little confusing because sometimes non-Eclipse Blizzards have solid or snake eyes.

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Does seeing bit more of him help anything?

Looks like he has one Snake-Eye and one normal eye.

Both are half albino (well up close and in certain lights they show as red)

Very cool. I love Snake-Eyes.

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I ended up with this guy and a super mack snow for $20 each (different places)

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