How do breeders ship reptiles overseas

Does anyone know what process or how in general you can ship a reptile from the US to the UK? I have not been able to find any shipping company that does shipping overseas except for Canada and Puerto Rico.


I’d assume most folks use couriers as the process to get all the permits in order is long and the costs are high. You should also be aware that if you do use couriers to export, they only do shipments a few times a year. I do believe @ghoulishcresties & @akmorphs might be able to provide you with more info on this.


As Jess states, most people are going to use couriers for this process. People ship reptiles overseas all the time. Yes there is additional risk but they definitely do it often. I’ve even considered doing it myself with some of the boa combos that are just not available in the United States as of current.

I know that @akmorphs has imported stuff across these and she is on here a lot, so I would ask her.

Hope this helps!


Thank you for the information

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I will send her a message thank you.

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Ashley at Northern Lights Imports does it all the time, I’m sure she could suggest someone to help or possibly take care of it for you.



I followed up in your DM, but another for just UK you’re other option (besides DDI and then another courier) would be Dave Rushen Reptiles in Southampton, UK.