How do crestie genetics work?

I’m looking to get into crested gecko breeding but I have no idea how there genetics work and I can’t really find any info online about it I have a yellow, brindle pos tiger dad was from AE lines and mom is unknown and I was looking at either a yellow brindle unknown lineage or a harlequin Dalmatian snowflake portholes I don’t know the lineage but breeder says it is available in the ad I haven’t asked about it though thanks for any input

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So you have an orange brindle where lines are basically unknown and you want to pair to a another brindle or a Harley with portholes? Snowflake trait isn’t the same as portholes.

If you don’t know parents, grandparents etc you will never really know what you’ll get out until ypu breed. Obviously Harley’s and brindles but anything else will be a Kinder Surprise!


So I could get the lineage on the Harley but all I know about the yellow brindle is his dad is AE lines and his mom is unknown this is the genes listed on the add for the Harley

What was the dad morph wise?

Any pics of the one you’re looking at?

On witch one?

The Brindle :blush:

The majority of crestie phenotypes are the result of polygenic traits. Geckological and LMR have put out some videos in conjunction with Pangea that break them down really well Anthony (@lmr_lmreptiles) is active here now and again and he is probably your best bet to chat with


They help a lot too yes^

But also unless you know the lineages etc then you’re gonna get a mixture out and some that are nothing to do with the parents (as in your pair).


Here’s the brindle that I might buy and the Harley


No snowflake trait on the Harley pin dash, though appears to be spots, so keep that in mind as a lot of people don’t want spots.

The brindle too isn’t a yellow, and I’d say tiger.
Though brindle and tiger are something of the same which Lmr etc will be letting us know more about soon hopefully :grin:

I’d go for the tiger if me due to the Harley having a spots and the tiger is a nice example of one!


Gotcha I didn’t know the spots where un wanted I don’t like them but I don’t mind them I do believe the one of the parents are tiger

People tend to prefer spots on a Gecko that has no other pattern.

Seeing the parents of a Gecko is a good idea, not only for lineage but to also to check they are healthy.

Having 2 Cresties with no lineage will make them harder to sell. I know you mentioned dad is AE lines, not sure what that means but without actually knowing the lineage or seen the parents, you won’t be able to track it, meaning no lineage.

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Altitude exotics is AE.


Although lineage is important, it’s also a bit of moot point. It is as important as it needs to be when trying to fetch the highest price possible as it helps to establish some form of inheritance for what the offspring may develop into by looking at the parents for comparison. This becomes less and less important for experienced breeders.

To touch on your first question though we have the first part of the guide out to prep the community for how to understand what we write in part 2. It is to help the read understand the polygenic traits involved in Crested Geckos. I do reveal some simple modes of inheritance throughout the document though. You should be able to find dal spot inheritance, yellow base, etc.

I’d say if you’re starting out, breeding dals sells at reptile shows without any problems. Patterned dals that have the right consistency sell just fine as well. I sell plenty of them and there are even groups on FB dedicated to this. They’re only undesirable to those that find them undesirable.

I’d say for your first time start by picturing a goal in mind of what you want to work towards and look at breeders’ photo pages on FB and see what they used to make it. There is a lot of data on there to see different results for different pairings. “Down to Lizard” is someone who has good albums, you can also look at our Projects page to see offspring from groups. Hope this helps, if you have any questions there are solid people on this community to help and just remember to have fun and focus on what you like not what is most popular.


Read and watch videos on this page :slight_smile:

Brindle and tigers are best to pair with another brindle or tiger. With or without portholes :slight_smile:
Dalmatian I think goes best with patternless/phantom or another dalmatian.
Harlquin is best bred to extreme harlequin or tricolor (and stay away from full pinstripes, they can mess up harlequin and tiger).

I think both cresties you’re looking at are nice! They both have “vertical lines” and similar base colour. What would you like to produce? Any morph/colour you fancy?


I like a lot of the Halloween extreme harlequin stuff like that nice dark orange or the cotton candy that I saw once it was a pink gecko basically here is a pick from the og poster


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This is a super interesting thread but most of it is just gibberish to me lol. I have no knowledge of crestie traits/morphs/breeding so this is awesome. :slight_smile:


I believe the pink colour is a mix of the base colours bright yellow (almost white) and orange/red.
Reds and yellows with “hypo” (no dark pigment).

Halloween is completely without any white/cream, but the dark harlequin you posted might be used in a halloween project unless it develops way more white/cream when older.

I know a lot of breeders mixing yellow and red and no pinks.
It’s actually to do with the lavender trait from research, There’s a lot of colours to do with lavs, including pink and blue, and it can do a lot of great things stacking them all!