How do I change my time zone for messages? [DONE] [1658]

My messages are really confusing because of the time recorded on them not being GMT

How do I change my time zone so it shows my own in messages?


If you click your profile picture in the top right corner and then the little user icon…

And then click “Preferences” → “Profile”.

Here you will find a “Timezone” option, it should be right under the “About me”.

If you have any trouble finding it let me know :blush:

Thanks :+1:

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Hi I did that and it saved right, when I check it says europian/london ok but my messages to and from sellers in the market place still are US time

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I think Thomas thought you were referring to the forums.

I have moved this into the feature requests (for market) category. I will make an issue for it, but right now there is not a way to fix this on your end.

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This should be done now. The new messenger uses local time, or relative time.

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