How do I get accurate humidity readings

How do I get accurate humidity readings.
If I had one accurate device I could calibrate the others.
All mine show a wide range for the same area. 16% humidity difference,
Temperatures are near enough the same. acceptable and workable half degree maximum difference with most much closer…
Its just humidity. Any suggestions?
Do I need to go back to analog?


Analog is no better! Most of mine differ from 10- over 30% these are just the dial ones, some I got from Amazon and some from petco. What I do is put them all together in the same egg container right in the middle on the light diffuser(so it’s not touching the damp perilite) while I am acclimating the egg box in the incubator for a week or so before the eggs are expected. I notice some will be close to 90 some will be 80 and one is right at 60% that way I have an idea of how “off” they are and then use them in egg boxes getting the best estimate I can! I have heard some electronic ones with the corded probe to put inside the egg container are the most reliable. What we need is to find or agree on a “gold standard” accurate brand/type that we all can use or at least go by. I myself do not know of one. Maybe someone else will know of a infallible humidity gauge!:crossed_fingers:


I use the Govee ones from Amazon and think they are accurate. They have the little probe on them and I can access them via Bluetooth or wifi, depending on the model I buy


It might just be the luck of the draw. I picked up a 12 pack like the small ones shown (a few years back), and they where all almost right on for both temp and humidity, as still are. I tested them in several positions and with other devices I had at the time. This is the first I seen something that far off. I can’t say I am shocked, as quality of workman ship sucks these days. I am not sure all the ways you tested. But laying them down on the sensor area, could effect the outcome. I stood or attached all of mine in a way that the sensor was not blocked to do testing and for in use. A little piece of double sided tape on the front of them against the glass or container is how I attached them. This left the back open and unobstructed to work properly.