How do I get my female jaguar breeding size quicker?

I recently just bought a female jaguar retic that was slow grown. She is four years old but doesn’t have the size to breed. So I was wondering how do I get her bigger quicker. I know how to get her bigger but I’ve would like to hear other peoples opinion. Because I don’t know everything.

There is nothing healthy about rushing an animal up to size. A leaner, well-fed animal will be a better breeder than an obese, rush-grown one.

I do not work with retics, but I would suspect that a 4-5 year-old slow-grow retic would probably be sexually mature and capable of breeding. You may not get a 50 egg clutch, but who needs that many hatchling retics??


So true! No one does, they are hard to sell and expensive to keep even as hatchings.


How big is she? As @t_h_wyman noted she’s probably sexually mature. If snakes in the wild only bred when they were big and fat, they would be extinct. The idea of “minimum breeding weight = success” came from the portion of the hobby that is greedily pursuing the next combo to sell.


Short answer you don’t you could but it’s not even remotely a good idea know that being said I’ve never tried but from EVERYTHING I’ve researched and seen in this community no one has had a positive experience with animal health.


Thank you for the advice

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Thank you for the advice everyone

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