How do you guys heat your 4' by 2' by 1's for your boas

So I am buying a PVC cage for Kai from AP, and looking how others heat their’s. Just wondering. I would just love to hear how others cover this challenge!

Radiant heat panels are the best hands down for providing optimal heat for Boas in 4’ enclosures. I use both Pro Products panels and Reptile Basics panels. Both have their up sides and down sides. The Pro Products are really well made, work really well and are not that much more expensive than Reptile Basics Vivarium Electronics panels… The downside to them is the requirement for sending your enclosure info in beforehand to order the proper panel, and they are slightly more finicky to mount (I had to use a couple extra washers I had to keep bolts from pulling through). Regarding Reptile Basics panels, I preferred the older style, which required a much smaller hole to be drilled to run the power cord, the newer version requires a much larger access hole, and the plug then plugs into the panel, which I personally dislike.

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Planning on purchasing a 4’ x 2’ x 2’ to house a female BCC for its first couple years, what size/wattage would be best for that? How do you recommend lighting for the enclosure with a radient heat panel? Ty, sorry for hijacking the thread :stuck_out_tongue:

For a 4’x2’x2’, I’d probably go with an 80 watt panel from Reptile Basics, or contact pro products to see which one they recommend. Of course the temp of the room the enclosure is in will dictate whether a dramatically different option is the way to go.

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thank you everyone for the help

How do you guys handle humidly?