How do you guys prepare hatchrite for incubation?

This is my first season using hatchrite as a incubation medium for my leopard gecko eggs. I’ve only had one egg so far this season and from what I’ve read about how to use hatchrite you only need a little bit of water. So I sprayed the small condiment container for a second that I put eggs into and mixed it and put the egg in then into the incubator. It’s only been incubation for two days and it started to dimple because of lack of humidity so I took the egg out and sprayed the hatchrite more. My question is how much water should I use with the hatchrite? Is it a 1:1 by water and weight like I did with vermiculite?

Hatchrite is premade and ready to use. You shouldn’t have to add water, if your loosing humidity do you have the container covered with a lid or anything?


The container has a small hole on the top, but next eggs I get I’ll try it without any holes.