How fast they grow

Here are 2 pics of my Savannah Monitor Zook. I got him 30 May and he was the smallest one I had ever seen. The next pic is from yesterday. He is eating fuzzy rats and wet cat food. pics are out of order, sorry obviously he did not get smaller :grin:


That is quite a growth spurt :no_mouth: if he keeps it up you will be riding him into battle in no time :joy:

He is a little cutie :heart_eyes:


I thought savanna monitors had to be fed mostly insects to keep them from getting fatty liver disease?

Babies to sub adults should be fed mainly bugs and not a high protein/fatty diet like that. That is why it is growing so quickly, you are basically power feeding it. They aren’t largely carnivores until they are adults. And high fat (mice/rat pinkies and fuzzies) foods are bad for them. I wouldn’t recommend cat food either. Maybe get repashy meat pie, or lean meats like chicken and turkey. Your lizard also already looks on the chunky side.

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I have been keeping monitors for decades and little ones get cat food, bigger ones get dog food as the protein level can be lower. He is plump but not fat. My last Savannah lived over 25 years (not sure how old he was when I got him, I had him 25 years) It is my personal opinion that insects do not have sufficient nutrition for them, They are carnivores and scavengers in the wild and not primarily insectivores. I know what the article suggests, I will trust my own experience.