How heavy is an adult female bci?

I got one female hypo,she’s about 1’5m and 3-3.5kg, I wonder can she join this years breeding later.
I feel worry about my other adult hypo,not quite sure about his sex now…last I took him for a wash and he pooped…I grabbed his tail and might saw his peanuts…?Hes too big if hes a male,about 5.5kg,2m.He already lost weight early this year.
One male hypo dh t-snow is too small,not even over 500g
Can we find out boas sex by looking their tails?


The female hypo,Idk why her head looks like this,she was good before shipping,but when I opened bag she was just like this…anyway shes a healthy little girl so I dont really mind this thing


Size depends on locality (type) of boa.
My female Colombian BCI boas I breed when they are over 6 feet long and a minimum of 15 lbs. to 30 lbs.

Also, if you just got your female, you really need to quarantine any new boa for a minimum of 6 months. Any new boa I pick from shows or someone I don’t know I quarantine for 1 year.

You could bring home something that will kill your existing boas.

In 1996, I killed all my boas from one male boa that had IBD. Had to start all over with new boas. I even waited 6 months before I got any new boas. I also throughout all my cages and made new ones.


Sad news…It’s hard to see IBD in china.Most of pythons and boas may get stomatitis and pneumonia,also snakelouse because of uncleared cages. I sometimes saw some white-lipped pythons but with eye illness,their eyes swelled and turned white

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