How long between breeding and laying eggs?

I have been pairing my bps for a little over a month now. They have locked 3 times, all for at least 24-48 hrs. now I’m curious, if she is gravid, how long will it be before she lays eggs? Can someone give me a timeline?

Building follicles takes 4-8 months, so it really depends on the individual female.

Once ovulation occurs, it’s about 20 days until they have their prelay shed, and after that 30-50 days until they lay.

Not every lock ends with eggs though, so you also have to keep that in mind.

Best way to help monitor your follicle growth (if you don’t have access to an ultrasound) is learning to palpate for follicles. I learned how and it really helped me while I was pairing my females.

You real timeline will start with ovulation, not pairing or building, a female can be on track and develop follicles only to reabsorbed them and never lay eggs.

So once your female ovulates it will be an average of 45 days to eggs.

I will recommend you to do more research and know what to look for in your female this is a good beginner’s guide