How Long Does It Normally Take To Get Your First Inquiry

Hey y’all, I’ve had a crested gecko posted on MorphMarket for about two weeks now. This is my first time ever selling on MorphMarket so I’d like a little knowledge from someone more experienced. About how long does it normally take to get your first inquiry? I’m of course in no desperate rush to sell, but it would be nice to at least get an inquiry. Two weeks seems a bit long to go without receiving one, but then again I am a new seller. Can anyone help me out a bit and put my mind at ease?


I sell ball pythons, so my experience may not be close to what you do. I had my snakes on for over 2 months before my first inquiry. Then all of a sudden I sold 4 snakes back to back! So don’t get discouraged, people will say the market is flooded, we are in a recession, ect. In reality it is almost impossible to predict when you are going to sell, just keep going and make sure your animals are doing great, it will happen!


Thing is everyone’s different.
If someone’s looking for your Cresties morph then could be instant, could also take months too.

I’ve listed before and within 10 minutes ones gone, an hour many times too. Others could be weeks/months.

It literally depends on what people want.


Do you have a link to the advert, there might be something we can help with.

It just needs that one person to see it and want it, trouble is they may not be searching yet!


Here’s the link. It’s likely that the fact that I’m only selling to people in the Central NY area is one of the key factors in why I’m not getting inquiries.


So I have done ideas that might help, just remember you don’t have to change anything and it’s just my opinion.

The pic doesn’t show any key features for him. Can’t see his a pinstripe or his head structure etc. Do you have any full body pics showing these? Also make sure his fired up. Full body pics help buyers to see if a gecko has something wrong with it.

I would also re-word. I would take out the neglected part if left with you as it contradicts your words in about you.

I’d also recommend adding his weight, esp as you mention his a good eater.

Does he have UV, if so I’d add that in too.

Does he have lineage? If so, add in that he has lineage. If not then I’d suggest he isn’t bred so would take out that he can be bred.

I’d also recommend re-wording that you will send pics to a serious buyer. While I totally understand where you are coming from, it just feels to me as though you come across a little too harsh. Maybe add something at the bottom about serious enquiries.

While I like your terms, it may also put people off. Esp if this gecko has no lineage as he is more likely to be sold to a new reptile owner, however you stated you won’t do so. Maybe you could re-word it to include ppl that have done plenty of research, providing you are willing to consider selling to a new owner.

Again I’m not trying to be critical, I’m just trying to help


So I myself add a collage of images as the picture. You can get apps for it. I show each side off, head etc then. And just their cute faces usually too!

Any lineage as said add, also as said to take out the neglected part. If I saw that I wouldn’t buy.

Unsure what pricing is like there also but keep in mind males go for less unless someone wants something mad. And on looking there’s many pins for less.

You really need to make him stand out! Get a collage up, get some nice pics of him on a bright background to show off his colours too! :black_heart: