How long is too long for incubation?

I have a clutch of crestie eggs that were collected from the lay box on April 14. They haven’t hatched yet. I keep them in my basement, avg temp of 66-68 degrees. I have them in a craft/bead organizer with Pangea hatch as the substrate. It hasn’t dried out at all. No standing water but there is condensation. I have 4 other clutches in there as well, separated by collection date. The eggs are really big, about the size of a nickel. All the eggs have definitely grown since they were collected. Just wondering if this is anything I should be concerned about.


Welcome to the forum @cpiper783! I can’t help you with your question but there are lots of people here who can so hang tight!

Best of luck with the eggs hatching and to you!:blush:


Incubate til there’s no debate, however 66-68 does seem a bit low, i wouldn’t let it get below 68 personally. I have heard of eggs that took upwards of 140 days, it’s pretty rare, but it’s not completely unheard of, and lower temps = longer incubation. But with those temps you might be right around the limit of what they can actually survive.


Temps ok but will take longer to hatch. Not a bad thing though! Usually better structure etc.

Usually around 60 days but I know many who’ve taken 120+.


Yeah, mine haven’t taken that long … However I’ve read that it happens. I’ve had to lower the temp of some of mine as they are due to hatch while I’m away :scream: to similar temps as you are doing


Just as an update: total time in the egg for both eggs was 124 days. They hatched and are thriving. Looking forward to the next several clutches hatching over the next several months. I have a double clutch scheduled to hatch within 2 weeks.


What beautiful babies they are! Congratulations to you @cpiper783! :+1::100:

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Little cuties :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Well worth the wait :wink:


Yay, so glad they both hatched! It can be nerve wracking when they take a long time. Most of mine hatch between 80-100 days, but I have heard of many that go longer with lower temperatures.

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