How long should I wait to introduce males after the last clutch

How long should I wait to introduce males after the last clutch was laid?

I know to get them up to weight and to look for the signs, but I have a female that laid bairly 5 months ago that’s gained weight, bowl hugging and in strange positions.

Is it too soon for health? Or could it be something else?


(there is one who laid earlier but is struggling to put on weight so I’m giving her the year off)
(I have male did not eat for 10 months after first mating and is still only eating sporadically, he is not going to be put with a female until he has started eating well for some months.)

Loads of advice on youtube about the process but cant find anything about how long to wait till the next time.
Any advice please

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It depends on the female, but I have had a few that laid late July early August and then showed signs of wanting to breed between late October to early December l, thats less then 5 months! Of course just because they lock again doesn’t mean they are going to lay very soon, or at all that season. Just depends on the female. Sounds like she may be trying to build to me, if she is in good shape like you say and you want to breed her there is nothing wrong with it. She probably won’t lay for several months. I think you have a good sense of your snake’s condition, since you aren’t breeding a female who is still recovering, and a male who is being inconsistent with food at the moment.


Thanks. I also have a couple of females of good weight that mated often but didn’t go. they started eating again then stopped again and are displaying follicle symptoms.
I feel they re absorbed the first line of follicles for some reason because they were not happy with them, then chose the other line to develop.?
Thinking of mating them again straight away.
P.S. I don’t believe in seasons. Just when they are ready. But I am new to ball pythons so any advice is appreciated. Also its one thing to study, its another to have experience to fall back on.

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