How long to wait before calling out a store?

So I made a purchase September from a store on MorphMarket for 2 ball pythons. Only one of the two arrived as the seller accidentally sent it to the wrong person. The seller said she was going to see if the other person could ship it straight to me or back to her so she could resend. Well the person it went to was in the hurricane and was evacuated allegedly. So I said I’d give it a week or two as I’d rather have the animal.

Fast forward to the present and I never got the animal and the seller has yet to send the refund. Excuse after excuse is what I get. I’m out $350 which isn’t chump change.

At this point, I don’t think I’m going to get a refund yet the seller still has ads on this site. I will as giving her the benefit of the doubt and have restrained myself from letting my frustration get the best of me but now I’m at the end of my rope.

I normally wouldn’t do it but sellers should not be able to get away with this type of thing.

So would I be off base by making it public?


Have you approached MorphMarket with the details? They may have the ability to help remedy the problem. Also have you filed a payment dispute for the transaction?


That’s rough! Of course there is always two sides to a story, but If the seller sent it to the wrong person that is 100% their fault! I understand everyone makes mistakes but the seller needs to fix this. I would think you would have been refunded or maybe they could have seen if you wanted a different snake worth around the same from them, something on the sellers end to make it right. I would let the staff know first, make a official complaint and show them your correspondence with this seller. They may need to intervene and see if they can help solve this promptly, since it’s been weeks already. I don’t know if it is possibly a scam or ?but I know MorphMarket only wants responsible sellers on the market. So I personally wouldn’t put any personal info about the seller until I did this first, see what the staff thinks about this unfortunate situation. Best of luck to you either getting your snake you paid for or being made financially whole!


Forum ettequitte basically boils down to not openly attacking a seller.
Telling your story without naming them is fine. Asking for advice is good, but dropping the name will just get the mods on it and the post possibly hidden or deleted.

-How did you pay? because if it was paypal friends and family, you won’t be able to get a chargeback done.
-Do contact MorphMarket support
-Do organize all contact with the breeder and any proof of payments in an easy to read format for the support to see.
-I would also check through listings again just in case the animal is up on sale again. The story seems a bit too conveinient or they accidently sold the animal twice without paying attention. For example, if they had 2 siblings that were similar but not quite. In and of itself a small mistake (should still not happen but eh) but now with everything else, this is a much larger issue.

That really sucks to hear and I hope things do get worked out for you.


In terms of what you are allowed to do here on the forum, this would be a violation of the ToS.

Bringing the matter up on one of the BOI groups on Facebook is an option however.

What you should absolutely do is contact the MorphMarket Customer Service team


I am so sorry to hear about this kind of thing. Unfortunately, the actions of a few irresponsible people are used by detractors to reflect badly on everyone.

I hate that it happened to you, @kess75. I know that the good people of MorphMarket will do all they can. Hope you’re able to get resolution. When the dust settles, you should do an honest review of the store. Public “naming and shaming” isn’t the way things are done on MM but honest reviews are an important part of the platform.

Good luck and let us know how things go.


I am so sorry you went through this. I too have been burned here on MorphMarket !! A seller sold me a severely RI infected snake that died in 3 days time!!! And do they reply - NOOE!!

So I say when you have tried - then you are left with no option but to call out the HORRIBLE SELLERS

Leave a review on the sellers page, and contact the MM customer service team.