How Many Clutches Can a Female Leo Have? (Per Mating)

So controversially I hear a lot of people say that they can produce up to 20 eggs, but then that means they have to have 10 clutches or more, which doesn’t quite sound right. On the other hand I hear people say they can only produce from 12-14 eggs meaning they have 6-7 clutches. Then finally I hear people say 8-10 eggs meaning they have 4-5 clutches…I’m not kidding…I’d like to hear from someone who actually breeds Leos to clarify for me. Thanks!

In my experience it is incredibly variable. The number of clutches per year goes down for each gecko as they get older, generally speaking.

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I have no experience with Leo’s but I’m under the impression that there is no simple answer.

It likely depends on both the breeder and reproductive health of the animal.
Pairing a reproductively healthy animal with a skilled breeder who believes high egg production is ethical will result in high yields.