How many insects do you feed your Crestie?

Just curious as to how many insects a Crestie should be fed in each sitting for each age… Baby, juvenile, sub adult & adult.

I feed my Cresties a variety of insects But some of them seem to always want more! So thought I’d research it… Turns out people talk about how often to feed insects and size of insects etc but I’m struggling to find out how many in each sitting.

Also, any of you got any Cresties that don’t eat insects? I’ve added a pic of Strawberry, She is the only Crestie I purchased as an adult and she won’t eat insects, I’ve tried different things. Would be great to see if any one else had or has this issue. Esp as I have a baby Crestie also not eating insects yet.

Crestie pics welcome :grin:


We have a few cresteds that are terrified of insects. We have tried different kinds and methods of offering them but they refuse. Some of our gargoyles are same way.


Good to know there are other Cresties out there that are fussy :blush:


Whenever I feed live it seems that they escape into the enclosure. I just put a few in a dish and they eat what they want. I feed insects about 1/5 feedings.


We only use the Pangea insect mix and ours do great


I try to imitate the wild as much as possible and I know insects are a huge part of their diet in the wild. But if some of them don’t want insects, that’s fine with me too! (I prefer it) I just don’t want to over feed my Cresties with bugs!


I only rarely feed insects. My crestie is an adult and she eats the pangea formula that has insects mixed in. When I do feed her insects, I just release them into her enclosure and she’ll usually have eaten all of them within 2 days (so far I’ve only ever given her crickets or dubia roaches, but I’d like to try black soldier fly larvae sometime). If it’s crickets, I’ll give her about 10. I think I usually do 5 small dubia. And then I’ll give her usually about 3 days before I offer her regular food again. Honestly I have no idea what number would be best or if they would stop themselves from eating too much, but I’ve had her for a few years now and she seems healthy to me. And she loves to hunt the bugs.

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Thanks solserpents. Most of my Cresties love the hunt while others prefer to use as little effort as possible lol I wouldn’t be comfortable leaving the insects in there for 2 days as they can hurt the Cresties while they sleep. I always remove them the next morning. I’ve tried Calci worms, they weren’t a hit with my Cresties and I’ve heard stories of them not being digested properly, so if you do try them, I’d suggest to make sure you start off with just a few. They are great source of calcium though.