How many of you have used F10SC on RI’s?

And was it succesful. I’m curious as I’ve never used it. I’ll usually take to the vet if I see signs of an RI that last over a week. I just wanted to know if any one has used it (with fogger) in a tub for an RI and how long did it take before you saw any improvment. My baby boy Hulk (Boiga Cyanea) has a clicking sound upon breathing and I think he might have an RI. I was thinking of using the F10SC method as cash flow is a bit low to take to the vet at the moment. Thanks.


This stuff is not designed to be inhaled. Fogging it would be akin to breathing Lysol.

The best treatment is to get a culture panel and then treat as appropriate


All of the F10SC or the rest of the F10 series? I’ve seen many online say the F10SC could be fogged but not the rest of the series…But I’ve also seen some say not to use any of them.

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I am a veterinarian and I think it’s totally insane to fog F10SC in any way that would involve inhalation, for what it’s worth. @t_h_wyman is 100% correct- go to a herp vet, get the culture & sensitivity, treat as prescribed.

Find a vet here
Or here


Awesome…I appreciate the replys. That’s why I don’t run and do anything without doing some research. I guess F10 thing might be some old school thing they used to do but as time went people realized they could kill they’re animals? It’s good to hear from a Vet thats cool stuff.


If you are seen signs of RI, you should contact a vet and get a culture done, and test for nidovirus.
3 things can cause RI, viruses, bacteria, and fungus

Each has its own treatment. Viral, is its own thing, fungal infections are rare-ish, fungal infections are easy for an immune system to fight off…so if a fungal infection becomes life threatening is usually because the immune system is so compromised by a different ailment that it left the body wide open for a fungus to take hold. Treating a fungal infection without treating the other ailment is pointless

And a bacterial infection needs antibiotics. Different bacteria respond to different antibiotics. Unfortunately you are never going to know how to treat for what without getting the animal tested…see a vet

That been said I have see a bacterial RI infection (in very early stages) treated with F10SC successfully but that treatment was performed by a professional and she wasn’t treating a snake… Tortoise


Sadly, people still advocate nebulization. It is one of those bad pieces of misinformation that refuses to die

Here are the SDS for the active ingredients in F10SD. This is definitely not the kind of stuff you want to be encouraging animals to breath


Is there any type of safe treatment for people that may not have easy access to a exotic vet that you would recommend?


The only at home “treatment” that can help to a small extent is to bump up the heat. But that is not a fool-proof solution and I only advocate it as a couple day stop-gap until you can get the animal to some kind of vet.


Thank you all for the wonderful information…Very much appreciated.

This is why it is always key to plan ahead before one gets an animal and find a vet. You always want to make sure you can get to a vet if your animal gets sick, since “at home treatments” are usually like people trying to use essential oils to treat viruses. You will likely do more harm than good.