How many reptiles do you own?

Out of pure curiosity, I thought it would be nice to see the scope of keepers on here.

Including hatchling, pets, breeders and so on, how many reptiles do you have dependant on you?

(For some reason the poll isn’t in order :thinking:)

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If you keep multiple species add a comment with which one you prefer working with and the ratio of your collection.

3 bearded dragons, 1 BTS, 6 ball pythons, 1 kingsnake, 2 leopard geckos, 1 panther chameleon, 2 turtles

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1 ball python, 1 mex black king, 3 sand boas, 1 Tri colored hog, 10 corns

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I have 3 ball pythons.
And I’d like to get at least 2 more later down the line.

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0.1 Chondro
0.1 BHP
0.1 egg eater
0.1 dumeril boa
1.0 Rhamphiophis rostratus
1.1 Rhamphiophis oxyrhynchus
1.1 Black Gap alterna
1.1 bredli
1.1 Calabar boa
1.2 rubber boa
1.2 hoggnose
2.3 kukri
23.29 balls (give or take 2.2… I may have done the math wrong in my head)


1.0 Arizona Mountain Kingsnake (pet only due to approaching old age for the species).
0.1 San Matias Rosy Boa (pet only because she is a runt).
0.1 Albino Striped Black Rat Snake.
1.1 Ball Pythons.
Will be working on getting a male for my rat snake in the future, and I prefer working with colubrids. Down the line I will likely work with many colubrid species and only have 1-2 BP projects.

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I don’t know the exact ratios at the moment, but I’m currently keeping/breeding the following species and have at least a 1.1 pair of each:

Dragon Snakes, False Water Cobras, Blacktail Cribos, Eastern Indigos, Blackheaded Pythons, Sunbeam Snakes, Jeweled Lacertas, California Red-sided Garters, Paradise Flying Snakes, Vietnamese Blue Beauties, Aesculapian Ratsnakes, Everglades Ratsnakes, Brazilian Rainbow Boas, Columbian Rainbow Boas, Western Hognose, Florida Kingsnakes, Mexican Black Kingsnakes, California Kingsnakes, Honduran Milksnakes, Imperial Pueblans, Ball Pythons, Kenyan Sand Boas, and Cornsnakes.

And yes, they all have names. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: My favorite species is by far the False Water Cobra. Eastern Indigos are a very close second. Dragon Snakes are my favorite oddball Colubrid.


Let’s see…

8.14 ball pythons in my main collection
Plus 7 hatchlings that I’m not keeping, and 10 eggs that are in the incubator and getting ready to hatch fairly soon.

1.3 western hognoses. Hoping to get more in the future!

0.1 boa constrictor (bci)
My fiancé’s snake. A girl with a great personality!

1.0 crested gecko
My one lizard. I’m hoping to get a female or two for him soon as well.

I wouldn’t be able to decide which are my favorite to work with. Ball pythons come in so many colors and patterns that it’s insane, and most are pretty laid back and easy to handle.

I also love the hognoses because of their goofy appearance and their attitudes.

I’ve also been enjoying our boa for her sweet and calm personality, but I don’t think I’d ever breed them because of how many babies usually are birthed and stories I’ve heard of snakes being abandoned or given up because they got too big.

I also fell in love with crested geckos when we got Snickers, they’re fun little geckos and I’m excited to try producing my own in the near future.

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25.90 ball pythons (breeders)
~280 hatchlings (this number is constantly changing)
~40 holdbacks (sub adult and babies)
beardie dragon
sudanese uromastyx
dart frogs
8 hognose
2.4 woma pythons.

  • 2.10 Ball Python
  • 2.1 Leopard Gecko
  • 1.1 Gargoyle Gecko
  • 0.0.1 Crested Gecko
  • 1.0 Hognose
  • 1.1 Tomato Frog
  • 0.0.1 PacMan Frog

Well as of now I cant say I only have the trio of breeders I already showed. who knows? maybe I added a few other odds and ends.


2 ball pythons…hopefully more in the future :slight_smile:

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2.3 ball python
1.0 boa
1 tiger salamander


2.8 Hognoses - might be 3.7 I’m not 100% sure on one of them
2.1 Ball pythons

I’d like to get a dwarf boa in the future as well. Need to round out the collection a little bit


1.2 Carpet pythons, still a little young to breed, Male is Pure Darwin Albino, Bigger female is Jungle, smaller females is Caramel Jaguar. Definitely on the prowl for more!
1.1 Albino Harquahala Rosy Boas Breeding age and I bought them because they were copulating at the pet store, does not look like it took, will brumate this year and try again
0.1 Amel corn snake, juvenile rescue growing nicely
1 Texas Longnosed Snake. Wild caught and unsexed, still very small but eating well
1.0 Savanah Monitor still juvenile growing fast probably always be just a pet
1 Ouachita map turtle pretty much a rescue too I think it is male but don’t really care as it is a pet that I do not intend to breed
I also had a green anole that was bought as food for the Longnose when he wasn’t eating. I let it live in the same cage and fed it but eventually the snake ate it.
Really just coming back to the hobby after a few years away not in a huge hurry to pack the snake room.


18.25 ball python
1.1 super dwarf retics
2.2 western hognose
1.1 dwarf Burmese
1.1 cape house snakes
1.4 children’s python


I had childrens pythons years ago. Have not seen them around for a long while. Would you mind posting some pics?


@eddie_the_yeti Sure can! Mine don’t usually take the best pictures since they are trying to bite my face off lol.


thanks for the pics. as I recall mine were jerks too. But that does not keep me from waxing nostalgic. They were a species I had never seen when someone contacted me about taking in some “mean snakes” That was in San Diego so at least 20 years ago. Yours are beautiful!


Currently only own 1.2 corn snakes 0.1 arrives on Tue, planning on breeding in the future and will have more :slight_smile: