How much do you spend?

Hello! I have decided to start looking into a new reptile. I am thinking about a few things. Those being a piebald ball python, a leopard gecko and bearded dragon. I have my eyes set on one specific for each provided whatever I end up with. My main question is how much do you spend on yours and how often? I already own one ball python and one hognose.
An example for my hognose if you can’t think of how to list it.
Every month or so - about $17 for bedding and $16 for food. So only about $33 every month or so.
Doesn’t need a lot of detail. I would also appreciate any advice for owning a beardie or leopard gecko.
Bonus picks of the boys!


I can’t help you with your question because I have way too many reptiles to sit down and figure it out! Lol! But your critters are awesome! I wish I could get my hoggie to be that size but he is a stubborn eater! And maybe the leopard gecko might be the cheapest to maintain…….

Best wishes in your endeavor! :blush::lizard::frog::snake:

For balls, food depends on local feeder prices. When an adult it could cost you $5 - $8 each, x2 if feeding every other week for a month. Little cheaper for smaller ones.

Bedding depends on how often you change it compared to spot cleaning. A bag if coco chips (any brand) will be around $30 but can last you several months (6 months easily)

Just a ball park break down, food $10, bedding $5, so $15 month on the cheep side up to $26 on the high side.

Paper towels can also be used for bedding for a cost saving and easier quicker access.

Edit: when younger you should be feeding weekly, but the food cost is cheaper & $1-3 each feeding. But tub size is smaller so less bedding is needed. If you want advice on tubs, Ezy Storage from Target works great with just a few 1/4in holes dried into them.

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Depending on your setup, and where you live, electricity can be a budgetary concern. Lighting and heating can add up!


Thank you! He has grown quite fast. He’s only about a year old. I get really excited when he gets to shed so i understand what you’re saying haha

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