How much does a pure kalatoa super dwarf cost?

If you could actually find one for sale, how much would a pure kalatoa super dwarf reticulated python actually cost to buy? There can’t be that many breeding pairs in the united states.

Honestly, I would ask Garrett Hartle (probably spelled wrong) from reach out reptiles. I’ve watched some videos hes had on Kalatoa specifically. Hope this helps.


I’ve actually been in contact with him.

Bought my pair for 2k last year. Hope that helps.

A lot.

I’ve heard of them going for as little as $500-$1,000
$1,500-$2,500+ is more typical.
Many breeders refuse to sell singles, so be prepared to buy a pair.

Garrett Hardle has a long waiting list, you won’t get one from him for at least a couple more years.

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It took my friend 3 years to get a pair of retics from Hartle. And those weren’t even pure kalatoa’s, so if you go with that route be prepared to wait a while like @jobforaretic mentioned.
My same friend bought a pair off MM last year for 2k, and there are a few listed currently on MM between 1250$-2750$. Price range varies greatly. But they are increasing in price every year for the last 3-4 years. So if you really want one don’t wait.

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Your best bet is inquiring through facebook groups, and asking everyone you know in your local area for leads.

There are more people working with pure SD’s than you would think, and many of them rely on word of mouth alone to sell their animals.