How much to feed young crested gecko

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Just wondering if you could try and explain to me how their genetics work is it just kinda random or is their more to it I know there a couple recessives but other than that I’m super confused about how there gentics work like say I breed harlequin to a harlequin creamsicle (completely random just to give and example) is there and way it could be predicted or is it like I said random? I will also tag @ghoulishcresties


They will definitely elaborate but what I can tell you it all comes down to lineage.

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Correct. Lineage is very important.

So ghoulishcresties and I have a different opinion on what creamsicles are so I’m going to use a different example so not too be too confusing, hopefully.

I’m going to say yellow harlequin to harlequin. Harlequins are quite common and you are likely to produce many but you can also produce other morphs too. Colour can vary and there will be ‘kinder surprises’ too. Basically Cresties that look nothing like the parents, this is reduced with strong lineage.

If you have confirmed lineage with several generations of yellow harlequins then you will have higher chance of more yellow harlequins however the darker harlequin is likely to be the stronger gene so without strong yellow lineage, then there will be less yellow.

I hope to produce a red Lilly White from a red tricolour to a dark base tricolour Lilly White. Both have strong red genes, but until I have bred them, I won’t know the probability but in theory red shouldn’t be too hard to achieve.

Some breeders can guess most of the offspring for the year if they have enough lineage.

Without lineage, you can get anything!


I hope that makes sense :sweat_smile:

I see it more like humans.

Eg. Blonde hair and brown hair in humans.
Brown hair is suppose to be the dominant gene so in theory out of 2 children they are more likely to have brown hair then they are to have blonde hair. However it’s possible to have 1 of each or even 2 blonde hair kids.

I have 2 boys with blonde hair so the odds just depends on the genetics lol

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Since the one you’re getting is a brindle, you’ll get out brindles, you will also get out whatever parents are, grandparents and so on.
Say if you pair a brindle to a tricolour you’ll get out tricolours also, along with whatever that ones parents are, grandparents and so on!

I have a couple here with no known lineage so it will be more of a ‘Kinder Surprise’ from them, for example, last month I hatched a little blonde out of nowhere, so turns out there’s blondes in Crackers lineage, the reason I know it’s not Kaneki (who was dad) is because he was breeding for a few years and I’ve never had anything like that come out before!


@foxreptile @ghoulishcresties here’s some pics of him


He kinda looks like my ducky!


Doesn’t look as small there and looks healthy!

I hope you enjoy your new Crestie. They are so much fun to watch and hold :grin:

I love the look of brindles :relaxed: yours looks very cute. I have an orange brindle :orange_heart:


Little cutie! :heart:

Keep us updated as the little one grows please! I love watching them grow 🥲