How Not to Get Your Store Approved

Most of you are familiar with our seller approval process.

Question: How many things are wrong with this picture?

I’ll get you started with the part you can’t see because I’ve kindly censored the face. The kid looks like he’s about 25.

This was a very creative way to get banned.


Ah, common guys. I thought you would like this (the challenge question above), it’s like a puzzle. I guess ain’t nobody got time for that.

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First off his name is John Doe , lol . Also there should be a number under his picture and a seal on his picture. And like you said he looks way too young compared to his DOB and the picture on the license. And even though it’s obviously fake, it’s expired LOL!!!


@gregp that is a little fake paper id you get with one of those fancy RFD wallets :rofl:

Lol ya I need to get one of those!!!:joy:

Here ya go, you can have one too. :wink:

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