How often should my leo be using the bathroom

I have a leopard gecko named lemon and im curious as to how often she should be using the bathroom


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Every several days or so. It varies a lot by what you’re feeding and your individual gecko. Her ‘pee’ equivalent are the white urates, and the ‘poo’ is the darker material. If you are worried about impaction, I would make sure you keep her very well hydrated.

You could even do brief soaks each day in room-temperature water, until she defecates. Keep the water level low (just above your geckos feet), don’t do it for more than 20 minutes, and never ever ever leave her alone in there- you need to be there watching the entire time she is soaking. (You can also do this if your gecko has a bad shed and needs help getting stuck shed off it’s toes.) Generally, geckos will drink a bit of the water while soaking, so make sure the water is totally clean and doesn’t have any additives like soap in it.

Once she poops, you can stop soaking her, as you’ll know she’s not impacted.

As an aside- I have a gecko named Lemmy! I can’t remember for sure off the top of my head, but i think she’s turning 17 years old this year. :blush:


In the USA, our water is often ever so slightly chlorinated for our safety, so some people prefer to use a few drops of dechlorinating solution, which you can get at pet shops, in any water they give to their reptiles.


she hasn’t pooped in a few days so I think ill give her that Lil baby bath also that is such a cute Leo

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