How often to replace deli cups that are used as water dishes in bins

Real easy question. How often do you replace your plastic deli cups that are used in bins with cup holders? I use FreedomBreeder bins and every shed I disinfect the deli cups I use for the water dish but just wondering how often to completely replace them?



If you clean them out with soap and water and give them a scrub with white vinegar once a week then they should last until there is physical damage i.e. a crack in the plastic.

Plastic bottles will last around 450 years as a example.


Thank you. Do you dilute the white vinegar at?

I personally just soak a sponge with it undiluted and give them a good scrub and then rinse them out with warm water and leave them to dry.

If I needed it dry and ready to use straight away then I would. ¼ vinegar/ ¾ water.

A friend of mine works in a warehouse that stock takeaways so he was able to get me a full box of them with lids. If your ever stuck to find them of a certain size ask at a takeaway. :wink:

As a heads up though, avoid using vinegar anywhere you would mind smelling like vinegar. :blush:


I replace mine about every 2 month or so. But I clean the cups every week but I dont use vinegar like @eaglereptiles but ill give that a go and try it.


I run mine through the top rack of my dishwasher about every 3 to 4 weeks. LOL the dishwasher is also good for plastic hides.

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Good idea!

Thanks Nathan!