How Piebald reacts with

So I’m hoping this thread will go along the same lines as Next to a Normal for reference but with a twist.

Do you have a Pied combo AND a animal with the same combo minus the Piebald?

Let’s say a Enchi Pied?
Do you also have a Enchi?

A Banana Clown Pied?
Do you also have a Banana Clown?

Spider GHI Lavender Pied?
Do you also have… You get where I’m going.

Can you get a picture of them next to each other like the example below by @t_h_wyman


If you know anyone in particular that works with piebalds and you think they may be able to help send them a link to this thread :blush:


Before this ends up buried, I’m going to tag a few of you pied pipers to make sure you don’t miss it :yum:.



lol thanks for the tag but pieds and i aren’t the best of friends, they are my arch nemesis. Have horrible luck making pieds


Lol I was excited when I saw the title than I was like I have a lot of pied stuffs but I don’t really have anything without pied in it :thinking:, that what years of focus get you. :wink:

I will have one picture for you later.


:joy::joy: I just remembered your Wrecking Ball Project I thought it was worth a shot. I’m sure Deb is making up for all the pieds you’ve missed the odds on :joy:.

@stewart_reptiles I thought about that after tagging. People that work mainly with piebald aren’t likely to have many non piebalds :crazy_face:

This is an adult Jolliff Tiger Pied to a 2020 Jolliff Tiger I produced this year. Let me know if you need a better angle. Lol


I made up for Mary’s Pieds and Mary has made up for my Clowns which were my nemesis until 2 years ago :roll_eyes:…we complement each other so well :rofl:

Anyway I lied I have 3 pictures for you ;)…did not think about recently hatched animals.

Hypo Mojave & Hypo Mojave Pied

Mojave & Mojave Pied

Hypo & Hypo Pied


@serpentswitch117 That is perfect , thank you :blush: I don’t see many Jolliff Tiger Pieds :+1:

@stewart_reptiles :joy::joy: thank you Deb :blush: I knew there would be a few hiding in your racks :yum:


Ok @eaglereptiles this is the best i got. since my founding female that started off this whole crazy ride turned out to be het pied, i do not really have a “normal” without being het for pied

Wrecking ball het pied and Wrecking ball pied

Fire Wrecking ball het pied and Fire Wrecking ball pied


They are some beautiful snakes Mary.:heart_eyes:

You guys are pulling out some professional quality pictures :metal:


Suma Pied, Mahogany Pied, Pied

Suma and Suma Pied


No messing about🤘, them guys are crazy Brandon.

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I have lots more to compare but no pics.

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So what your saying is you will send them all to me and I’ll take some pictures for you :wink: let me know a date and I’ll make sure I’m free for delivery :crazy_face::joy: