How to approach a breeder about mis-ID’d snakes?

Hey y’all. I’m wondering if there is an official report function for snakes that are very obviously mis-ID’d, or if you have any recommendations on how to approach a breeder about mis-ID’d animals. There is a breeder on MM who has MANY animals listed, and I’m not kidding when I say that almost half of them are very obviously mis-ID’d. If it was only 2-3 animals I wouldn’t bother, we all make mistakes, but this breeder has over 100 animals up and I’ve identified 40 so far that have at least one gene mis-ID’d or listed when it’s not there, and some have more like 2 or 3. I don’t know if this person is just not great at IDing, but I’m concerned about pet keepers and new breeders who aren’t the best at ID yet paying for animals that do not have the genes they’re reported to have. I sent this person a message, they responded ‘thanks for your input’ and didn’t change anything. Just wondering if there’s any other course of action I can take.

EDIT: I just saw that they actually did change the ID of the snake I messaged them about. This is awesome and makes me feel a lot better, but I still hate to be sending them a message about every mis-ID’d snake when it’s a large number of them. And I absolutely do not want to shame them or make them feel bad especially if these are mistakes.


There is a ‘Report Ad’ button for each ad on the MM. You can hit that and explicitly explain why you are reporting the ad. The Customer Success team will address them.


Great, thank you. I wasn’t sure if genetics was an appropriate reason to report.


Absolutely anything that is off with an ad is worthy of a report :blush:… even if it just seems off but you cant put your finger on it.


:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Always nice