How to become a herp vet uk (qualifications needed)

Hiya all! Forgive me if this subject has been talked about on here already, but I couldn’t find it if it has so I’m opening a new thread :blush:

There seems to be a shortage of reptile vets in most places in the uk, so I’ve been thinking, how would one get started?

What gcses/courses/diplomas and work experiance would you need to get started? I imagine its a long road of study, but If this thread helps outline a guide, it might make it easier for people looking to get into the trade :blush:


I know in the US, most vets start out with the basic veterinary education which covers mostly dogs, cat, horses, cows, pigs and some rodent care. There’s a minimal amount of exotics training until the student gets far enough along to pick a specialty. Some of the specialty training requires so many hours of on the clock work beforehand as well. Then from there you can do things like emergency and critical care specialist certification and so on.

So at the very least I think you would most likely need to get your foot in the door regardless with basic vet training first…I honestly don’t know how difficult it is to get the training in the UK, but one of my favorite vets that I worked with original came over from the UK for the schooling and stayed in the states afterwards.


That’s lovely! Thank you, that’s really helped clear a few bits up x

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