How to get a sticky mess off a baby hognose snake?

Two little hoggies went out one day
Over the edge of the tub and far into the incubator
I opened the tub and said “What the heck?”
None of them came back, I found them under the heat tape.

(Didn’t quite manage to stick with the original rhyme scheme of “Five Little Ducks”, but I tried.)

The second one is my very first snow too. Had to go and muck himself up. Strangely, it was only the boys that got out. Both of the girls stayed in the tub.

Anyway, I need your help! Soap and water aren’t cutting it. These naughty, dirty boys dug their way under the aluminum tape holding the heat tape in place and got sticky black gunk all over themselves. Does anyone know of something I can use to remove this substance that isn’t toxic to them? I have some nail polish remover, but I don’t know if it’s safe to use on hognoses.

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Perhaps try some vegetable or mineral oil… both should be safe for your awesome little hoggies. Paper towel or a cotton ball and some oil and see if that helps.


You can try hand santizer(fragrance free) and a qtip or paper towel to apply and wipe away. Give them a good soak before and after. If it’s not causing them significant issues don’t get too aggressive w removal and just do best you can and wait for next shed, it’ll come off w that.


Thanks for the suggestions! I think I’ll try the oil first.