How to get Breeder License?

Im Curious as to how a hobby breeder who hasnt gotten his license to sell disperses their hatchlings. I just hatched my first clutch and in all honesty. i plan on getting my license to sell but would like input on how a hobbiest breeder would go about this. Craigslist is my first option.

@mckinleyw, which license are you talking about? I’m in Florida, and to sell reptiles here you have to have a class III wildlife permit for sale/exhibition from the FWC (Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission). It’s a $50 annual permit, easy to apply for, though it does take a bit of effort to do all of the required paperwork the first time you apply. FWC has been known to bust people selling on Craigslist without a permit.


Craigslist is a horrible platform for selling animals. You tend to get really sketchy people responding to ads and they almost always try to lowball you. Also, Craigslist is as unreliable as Facebook with their policies regarding animal sales. For about a year they removed their pet classifieds altogether, although it’s back now. Stick to MorphMarket, Faunaclassifieds, Kingsnake, and other reptile-specific web platforms to sell your animals, although you will have to get comfortable with shipping snakes sooner rather than later. Review instructions on ShipYourReptiles, ReptilesExpress, and/or Reptiles2You to become familiar with the process.

As far as a breeder’s license, that answer completely depends upon where you live. In Georgia, for example, you don’t need a pet dealer’s license unless you sell more than 30 animals a year that you have personally produced. You will need a business license should you choose to vend at any reptile shows so you can collect sales tax.

In general, if you’re a small hobbyist breeder who is only producing a few animals a year, in most states you don’t need to worry about getting a license. However, local municipal laws can be more strict than state laws, so it wouldn’t hurt to check your county/town website to see if they have ordinances that would affect you.


Ty. I just printed the paperwork. And started morphmarket selling acct

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So when you get ur license when does it expire is it on your approval anniversary or at the end of the year?

You need to check the paperwork, but typically it’s an annual fee and renewal.

I looked over paperwork. I dont see any info on when renewal is due. I figure its yearly, but is it fiscal year or year from date of approval?

I have no idea, you will have to call the contact on the paperwork. It varies tremendously from location to location, you will have to get a local answer.

Thank you. I have messaged a friend of mine that has a license locally. Waiting for his answer if he isnt sure ill call and ask. Ill post what i find out back here for others.

So the renewal is due by the approval anniversary.