How to holdback a name project

How hold back a name for a proven dinker project? Plus have other 3 dinker working on it, can I hold names of the project till prove the genetic? I know 2 of then are dominant or codom but like any dinker project take time.

First one I have super of the project is codom or incomplete dominant, I’ll been working on this project more that 10 years but in baby steps because all dinker you have to stay with all so no rush. I always call it Venom project for a marking in the head but want to know the process to work this.


You don’t. You prove your gene and introduce it to the hobby by whatever name, and then when there are actually animals with that morph being sold, you ask to have it added.


Perfect, thanks


Jess is right, BUT if you post these projects publicly and use that name for them, then you can still unofficially claim that name and others will avoid using it to lessen confusion