How to Leave a Rating / Review?

Bought a ball python via morph market, but can’t seem to figure out how to leave a review. Seller says I should be prompted, I don’t see it. I see other reviews but no place to leave one. Probably right in front of me. Maybe im just too new? (My first purchase here)

When a seller sells YOU an animal (which means they have selected sold to and picked your username) you should get something like this allowing you to post your rating/feedback. (@John will correct me if I am wrong)

Do you know if that was done by the seller?

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Thank you,I actually did find on the website how to do it, Reply to the original inquiry and it opens up the review option.

I realize it’s not that easy to find. It’s partly because the seller generally initiates the process, but we plan to make it easier to find also.

The docs explain the two ways:

  1. The seller marks item as sold to you and you’ll get an email (accessible also from your messages page on our site) with a link.

  2. If the seller never marks it as sold, you can on our messages page click reply, then “Rate This”.