How to make a python to release a bite on you?

What’s the best way to remove a python after its mistaken you for food? I hear that lightly chewing on the tail of a retic will get it to release. Does that work for other pythons? My wife got mistaken for food by one of our Hognose’s the other night and they are easy to remove but it got me thinking of what I would do if it’s an adult BP? Wife’s finger turned purple and it swelled up pretty quick. Snake is fine…and wife is awesome!


Simply spray water into the nostrils or place the BP’s head under a running faucet.

The smell of listerine will work as well.


None of my BP have actually held on. I have read water works in an event they do.

I use hand sanitizer. Just a very small drop above the area of the mouth then let it run down to the mouth. usually just a tiny bit makes them let go.

Lol yeah they’re pretty simple on letting go. I have been bit a little over 10 times and they main key is to just not freak out and try the above mentioned options. They also really dislike when you kind of squeeze the sides of their head together near their mouth or let alone having their head touched at all.