How to obtain a breeders/ seller license for Ball Pythons

Can anyone from Louisiana give me some info on how to obtain a license to breed/ sale ball pythons? I’ve talked to Louisiana fish and wildlife multiple times and every time I talk to someone there they have no answers or information to give me.

To be certain you’re not in the foul the only person I can think of that would certainly know is James Lewis from Simply Serpents/The Reptile Gumbo Podcast. I’m sure if you reach out to him on IG he’ll get back to you. There will be separate requirements for the business side of things and the animal side of things like a business entity, sales tax license, etc. on top of any Fish and Wildlife requirements. For the business side of things you may want to start on the LA secretary of state website, there will be a small business section there somewhere.


@ballornothing Thank you for that info! I will reach out to him. As for the business side I’ve already started dipping my toes in the water on that. Just trying to make sure I don’t miss anything on the business side as well hahaha. Thank you again!


A small clarification that James no longer lives in LA and I do not think he ever sold balls while he was there. That said, I am 100% certain he will still tell you everything he can and if he does not have the exact information you need I am certain he will be able to put you in touch with someone that will :+1:t4:


I think everyone know that James LOVES ball pythons :joy:

I would check with NELA Reptiles. They still live in Louisiana and they breed ball pythons. You can find them on Facebook.