How to obtain license to sell ball pythons

Hi everyone! I’m new to ball python breeding and just wondering how to obtain the license/ permit required to be able to sell them? I’ve talked to Fish and wildlife and the two people I talked to there had no idea what I was talking about. Just offered me a license to sell native species. I live in Louisiana ball pythons are obviously not native. They couldn’t tell me how to obtain the license or even knew what a ball python was it seemed like.


Start with creating a business entity. Either sole proprietorship or LLC is really all that makes sense for a small business like selling BPs.

Once you have registered your business entity, you will need to register a fictitious business name with the county you reside in.

After that, if you live within the city limits, you’ll need a city business license. When you travel to shows you’re supposed to purchase a license for any city you operate in.

Next you need to apply for a resale permit so that you can properly collect and pay the sales tax associated with each sale.

Once you have a business entity, fictitious business name (DBA), and city business license (if applicable) you can get a business checking account which most point of sale services require before they will handle credit card transactions for you.

There are some other details but they will present themselves along the way. I have a video explaining the process on my IGTV

For LA, start here, it will help you start the process.


Thank you much for all of that information! That’s the most info I have received from anyone yet. I appreciate you!

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