How to prevent mold in wooden enclosure?

My boa’s cage is at the proper humidity, but I don’t think the guy I got the cage from sealed it in properly to prevent mold! I was wondering what I could do to kill and prevent mold, without having to buy a new sealant and repaint the entire cage? It’s a 4x2x2, with some holes in the glass for humidity control and a few on the sides. I heard vinegar works well but didn’t know how long I should let it dry before putting my girl back in there?


Sorry, but you will have to kill the mold and then reseal the whole cage. The mold is going to cause a very bad repertory problem for your boa and more than likely kill your boa if not taken care of. This stuff works well for sealing cages. But it will need a week or so to off gas before putting your boa back in the cage.


Okay, thank you so much!

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Just ordered some, I’ll have them in about a week. Gonna have her in a tote until then so I can deep clean everything and take the heating out of the bottom, and then the extra week for that stuff to dry

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You can also use this if needed. Its a two part epoxy. It will permanently seal your cage. I use this on my custom wood cages I use to make. I would even do the sides and inside top of the cages.