How to seal plywood enclosure

I’m gonna build a plywood enclosure for the emerald tree boa I’m gonna get but I don’t know how to seal it can I stain it and then epoxy it or what else would work

Although there are ways to seal wood I strongly recommend not going this route for an ETB or GTP, the constant humidity they require will be too much for any wood enclosure(even sealed) for an extended period. I would search for or build a pvc type enclosure for best long-term results. Goodluck

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Where can I find pvc sheets I can’t find any or any in the size of enclosure I want for a half descent price l

Unfortunately that is the issue. Try the big boxes/names blue, orange, red etc then online possibly. Honestly I would 1st check w any local reptile shops & expos even if they don’t have any they usually have connections of someone who does. I’ve gotten all my visions, boafiles and neos that way. Lastly look on the old sale boards of FB & CL. If you’re anywhere near RI I have some stuff available.

Where are you located in the country? I have had a lot of success using a Rust-Oleum product to seal wooden enclosures. It is very expensive, around $12 a can but it is actually made for automotive touch up and it gives the most quality uniform seal to finish that will last and once it is cured out and completely dry it is safe for your animals. There is also a chemical called Drylok to seal cinder block and wood in basements to make it waterproof but I do not know if it is safe or would be okay to use with animals once it is fully dry. You will have to do some research on that but it is a great product for sealing and waterproofing and holding in or out humidity

I’m in nor cal with emeralds they need 70-90%humidity at all times so I would need something that is completely water proof while being safe

I know the Rust-Oleum product I talked about is safe because I have used it before many times and I’ve used it on customer enclosures. It takes a week or two for the paint to completely cure out and be free of any fumes are odors but it is virtually scratch-proof and it provides a beautiful uniform coat so you don’t get any splotchy miss or uneven shading to the paint job. Sometimes they do not have that particular style at the hardware store and I have to buy it at an auto parts place but it is a Rust-Oleum product made for painting cars. It is completely waterproof once it is dried

I would try calling the other Home Depots in your area. Whatever associate you spoke to was definitely not giving you the right information. I buy The Veranda product from my local Home Depot for $98 a sheet and it is half inch white PVC 4 by 8

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If you seal plywood properly with either polyurethane or two component epoxy, it’s the same as having a plastic/glass surface. You will have to seal the corners with silicone or something else but I have plywood enclosures that are 5 years old and have no measurable wear.


Look into MDO Signboard… its used in the sign business due to its water resistant qualities… You paint this wood and you are good for years and years… I have some scraps outdoors for like 4 or 5 years and I could clean that wood up today and use it lol.