How to Ship Live Reptiles

Over the years in this business I’ve shipped a whole pile of animals all over the country, in various weather conditions ranging from great to horrific, and i’ve received a lot of shipments as well. These shipments that came in varied from overpacked to “oh my god” packed, so in order to combat the lack of knowledge and technique many show in this endeavor I have whipped up a guide on how you can successfully ship your reptiles safely and effectively.

Check it out here:


Good to know stuff. But are you sure UPS doesn’t allow reptile shipping? Cuz Underground Reptiles uses them. I just know cuz I ordered a tree boa from them to a UPS hub that was over an hour away, and UPS screwed up, and couldn’t find it. Even though tracking showed it to be there. I yelled at them, how can you scan a box as arrived, then immediately lose it. Luckily UGR used a long heat pack, cuz didn’t get it till the next day. I’m never using UPS, or buying from anybody that uses them again. I know mistakes happen. But, that was pathetic. It could’ve died cuz of a stupid mistake.

UPS no longer allows snakes to be shipped though them however, they used to and some old account that have been grand fathered in are still allowed to do so.

Now when it comes to delays, losses or inability to track UPS and FedEx have the same issues and it just happens. In has little as 3 years I had 8 packages delayed for 24 hours, not much you can do as a shipper to prevent this.


Great post !!

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Correct! I’ve been approached by young, eager UPS sales reps at least 4 or 5 times and every time they do not believe me, I tell them OK then, if you can get me permission to ship snakes then you have my account. Every one has come back a few days later saying OK, sorry, you were right all along… Haha