How To Stop Constant Water Dripping From foggers/humidifiers

I utilize these in pretty much all my enclosures except In low humidity cages. The issue I’ve always had is they constantly drip so much that they’ll flood the bottom of the enclosure after a while. I use bowls to catch the dripping water but they fill up fast and spill over. Do any of you guys that utilize these foggers have any ideas to limit or at least slow down the water dripping?


You could potentially put dry spaghnum moss underneath the dripping spot along with the empty bowls

Yea I do that but the bowl still gets full of water fairly quickly.

What brand of fogger are you using? I use a petspioneer/reptizoo 4L fogger and don’t have a huge dripping issue. Buying a different type of fogger could potentially solve the issue. You could also create some kind of drainage stream to collect the drip water and take it out of the vivarium into a larger bucket but that’d be a bit of a fix

I use zoomed repti foggers on some and others have Evergreen. I recently did set up a a drainage Layer of hydroball/Spaghnom and a pvc Tube I can use to syphon the water out upon the bowl overflowing. I’m just trying to see if others here have foggers that don’t drip to much. I’ll have to check out the foggers you mentioned. In the meantime I just spray mist the enclosure once or twice a day so the fogger does not have to work as much thus drips less.