How to Support MorphMarket

MorphMarket membership.
Its a massive jump from free membership to the next level, called Basic at $132 a year, or more if you can only afford to pay monthly.
I want to contribute and support the site but the pricing structure is holding e back.
The big jump is putting me off every time I look at it or consider it. (possibly others too so maybe missed income)
Especially as a new breeder/HOBBIEST with less than $132 sales in my first year, that’s a loss and not good business and it doesn’t make sense to me.
Any chance of something in-between free membership and basic at at least $132 per year .
like maybe new breeder/hobbiest membership with maybe two pictures or some other incentive?
That way I and others could support the site finatialy if we just want to support it finatialy, or increase membership level later as our sales/hobbie grows. There seems to be a barrier to progressing here.
Its wonderful that I don’t have to look at adverts, so isn’t this suggestion a nice a way to financially support the site and bridge the gap between fee membership and $132 minimum for the next level with out going down the adds road or losing that demographics funding?
You guys have probably assessed all this, just raising it as how it appears to a new free member.
But I would guess that this group of members is a large proportion of members, stuck on free membership that would move forwards in fees if it was not such a massive and unjustifiable jump in costs…
why should I or someone like me upgrade membership from free when its such a big jump from free and not fanatically viable?
I am sure I and others like me are a major demographic. But I accept you guys may have already assesses this. If not, please consider my pathetic attempt to help.


Will tag @eaglereptiles & @john for you should be able to tell you why and or help. :blush:


Is there a donate button? While it doesnt give perks, it would allow those wishing to support the site, but not pay monthly costs the option :slight_smile:


Thank you for the feedback Barry.

We spent a awful lot of time planning our pricing structure to benefit both the community as a whole and MorphMarket. I personally believe we have a great tier system but we are always looking to improve and feedback like this is how we do it.

When you think of it as a lump sum, it can seem expensive. But if you break it down you can see its a great value.

All you would need to sell is 1-2 animals to pay for 12 months worth of membership. If your not selling that much then the Free membership should be fine.

If your dealing with morphs then it will likely only take one sale.

Please don’t take this the wrong way, but if you are making less than that in a year, a membership is not necessary for you. This is why we have a Free membership. Again, 1 or 2 animals sold can pay for the whole year.

Don’t forget that you can pay on a monthly basis and can cancel at any time, meaning once you have ran out of animals to sell you can stop your membership.

Again my personal opinion, I think the jump is completely justified.
Let’s look at it as if you breed Mid priced animals. We will use 2 inc-dom genes… as that doesn’t seem unreasonable for a hobiestest to have in their collection. We will make them super common traits aswel.

Banana and Lesser

Let’s say you make this pairing and get 4 eggs.

Banana ($150 each)
Lesser x 2 ($60 each)
Banana Lesser ($200 each)

That’s $470. Off one relatively low value clutch. Let’s say you hit 6, 8 eggs which is the norm…

Just one of them sales has paid for your years membership. Everything you produce from here on out won’t cost you a penny to list. Anyone making less than doesn’t have the need for a membership.

This is not something we have at the moment but it’s a great idea, although I believe that John would ask that any donations are made to USARK instead. Every penny they receive is vital… but this has raised another thought that I’ll make another topic for.


Thanks. Yes I agree the pricing structure is good value. maybe I went on a bit too much about sales.
It was not about value.
Free gives me all I need right now with only one sale and Basic will be fine later as I start to breed.
For me it was more about supporting the site and not necessarily about benefits. I don’t feel I am doing that on the free membership.
I bought a T-shirt to try and support the site. that’s one way.
I like @verinium idea too.

Actually that’s a really good idea, if I want to donate a little just to contribute and not for sales, I could just do a basic for a month then cancel.
I think that’s the way I will go.


Sorry Barry, rereading your post I see I missed the actual point, which was not about membership pricing but about supporting MorphMarket … which is seriously appreciated.

If you want to support us it doesn’t necessarily need to cost anyone money. Share our Facebook and Instagram posts, help out on the Morphpedia or share the pages on your own FB/IG, look out for the community as a whole and share your ideas and feedback with us.

Another huge way to support us is to go through our documents in the Learning Centre and help us expand them.

We have a growing number of users that are getting the hang of reporting incorrect ads, this helps us a bunch also.

We also have a lot of new projects and features coming soon… reporting bugs is worth more than gold to us.

Basically just being involve and contributing is great support in itself.

Again thank you Barry!


I really like the USARK suggestion. Personally, im waiting until my business stabilizes with any sales at all (im in the growing phase) before jumping in, but i definitely want to support them as they fight for the hobby as a whole.

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My mistake for not using a better title, thanks for correcting that.
Thanks, Those suggestions are really helpful ways to contribute to the site.