How's my baby northern bts setup?

This is pre-baby after I just set it up so nothing’s cleaned up yet lol. Only thing I’ve added since is leaf litter but I don’t have a baby yet!


Looks great! Get someone in there asap. :slight_smile:


Looks good! I do have a few suggestions though.

So first, I would get rid of those things in the back that I circled in red. Blue tongues are very determined to fit in places the can’t and I am worried that it will eventually get stuck. I also included a pic of my skink providing a nice demonstration :wink:

Now secondly, I would get those plants into pots, if they aren’t already, as they will be destroyed rather quickly without them

And for the water bowl, put something heavy inside of it or it will be flipped and spilled constantly. I just put a piece of slate I had and threw it in.

For the basking hide (You got that from Etsy?) I would provide a small ramp that goes up around halfway up the side to provide an easier way for them to get up until they are bigger. I like to make them work a bit especially when they are young so that is why I didn’t say all the way up.

And lastly, keep a close eye and make sure he doesn’t get cut on that broken part of the substrate barrier. Also watch and make sure he doesn’t get one of his legs stuck in between the door and barrier as I know it is possible. That is one of the reasons why I personally prefer enclosures over Zen even though they are very similar.

Other than that, it is looking really good! You are going to have one lucky skink!

I kept saying “he” as my skink is a dude and it is just out of habit


Thanks for replying! What’s funny is the fake plants came in pots lol so I just buried them since I’ve read how brutal skinks are and they love rearranging. I do have some slate tiles on the way so I can just break up and use a big piece for the water bowl since that’s my temp bowl anyways till my biggest one comes. The dirt next to the honeycomb ramp is slanted upwards with dirt towards the slate hide and the cork is actually closer to the basking spot than the pic looks but I wasn’t too sure about the honeycomb so thanks I’ll take that out since I don’t want to find a stuck baby skink trying to hurt itself getting out of the holes. And the divet in the substrate border is sanded down completely, I had a hamster in there once who went to town but that was a while ago but it’s been cleaned up and smoothed out since lol. I’ve started looking for a skink but there’s only three skink breeders with 5 star reviews on mm and so far they haven’t been the best at communicating :sweat_smile:


Oh I did forget to mention I’ll look at some thin foam to cover the gap in the front of the barrier. Amazon sells thin foam I can diy to prevent tiny legs from getting trapped. And the honeycomb ramp is just a place holder till I can get some nice cork for the back.