Hulk The Green Cat Eyed Snake

Pics of The Hulk…They turn completely green as they age…Damn they’re cute as babies.


Oh my, this guy is adorable!

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Cat eyed snakes are so interesting!
What’s their care like? And how big will he get?


This little guy gets to 5-6 feet and they’re rear fanged venomous…I had to assist feed him a few times but now he’s starting to take the pinkies of tongs as long as I bug him a bit and stick it in his face. He’s pretty calm…I think he’s gonna be a well behaved dude.


I have always wanted to get into boigas. They are hard to find CBB without paying and arm and a leg for em sadly, so it will likely be a while before I get one. Cute little dude though.


Hey op, would you mind giving me the brief rundown on the care for him? Was thinking about getting one but can’t find any good care guides or info

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@ag2357 Sorry, forgot to @ you last message

just wondering about your encloser size, feeding schedule, temp, humidity, etc

Just saw your question…I’ll get back to you with that info as I have so many snakes I can’t recall at the moment what his temps humidity etc are. I’ll tell you one thing he is picky with his food…Sometimes he’ll eat his mice by leaving it over night right next to him and other times I have to assist feed him. He was taking them of tongs for a bit but stopped…All in all very sweet and curious animal.


They eat birds and lizards in the wild. Try a lizard feeder instead of assist feeding given that it can stress them and make them not want to eat.