Hullo All from Tennessee!

Hiya. I just got here and I gotta say you guys seem cool. I’m excited to talk about scaley things. My first order of business here is to figure out what breeds my crestie Thor and corn snake Dragon are. In our community tank we also have 2 bleeding heart tetras named Harley and Moxie, Griffin the betta, Olly the longfin danio, Phil and Terry the zebra danios, and Golly the albino Corey catfish. If our family wasn’t big enough with them and a baby, we’ve also got two cats Riku and Amethyst (very good kitties-don’t bother the others at all) and 3 white mice (the Sheilas) that I’m currently trying to breed for feeding with some difficulty.
So yeah, that’s our zoo. I look forward to learning stuff and getting to know all of you :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community. Since you said you are looking forward to learning stuff then I shall give you some advice on the fish you are keeping. You need a school of at least 4 of the terras, each of the danios, and the cory catfish, but a larger school (6 or more) for each always helps. They don’t live as long of lives without a school as they stress extremely easily without it. A stressed fish can either just drop dead, or get sick and die. Schooling fish need a school.


Thank you for the information! I thought I was in need of at least a couple more fish but I wasn’t sure of the numbers. I didn’t know Cory’s were schooling fish. I am wanting more but unfortunately my tank is at maximum capacity. I don’t want to overcrowd them. I plan to purchase a much larger one in December when we move, however. There’s not space in our current house for a bigger one either.

As of now the 3 Danios seem to shoal together comfortably despite one being two different kinds. When I got first two Danios and the two tetras I was told the two species would school together. That definitely didn’t happen so I added the third danio. The Cory weirdly enough seems to school with them from time to time (I watch them carefully everyday) and there are no signs of aggression or stress. My betta is currently somewhat stressed due to his Jungle of plants being trimmed down two days ago but he’s still eating well and occasionally hangs out in what appears to be the “common area” of the tank. The fish do have clear territories in the tank and it’s very fascinating watching them go about their lives. The one thing I have never been able to successfully introduce is snails. Griffin finds them tasty…

Welcome! I’d be happy to take a look at your crest to id its morph, but I think there is a topic started on that. I just started not he Community forums myself.