Humidity why to high in my tube

Any advice guys my humidity way to hight in my tube

Substrate is orchid bark

Heat mat at 31 c

And I have 20 8mm holes in 50l tub

Is it as simple as putting more holes in the tube ??

A few things can impact humidity level

Size of the water dish

Placement of the water dish (hot vs cold)

Substrate so promote higher humidity compare to others


So basically it can be one thing that can be change just like there can be several.

Water dish is large but dought one the snake can fit in

Maby dont fill it up as much ??

It is also on the cold side

Ambient temp 24.5 c

Substrate is dry no moisture in it

Since I don’t know the size of the snake that tells me very little, and contrary to a popular belief they very rarely soak and even adults can be fine with nothing wider than 11 cm so if it is bigger the first thing I would do is downsize the bowl wait a while and take another reading.

Ok so the snak is 3 months old ways 95g and around a ft long

The dish is around 15 cm

I will try a smaller bowl

At that size a 9 cm wide x 5 cm high will be more than enough for a good while.

:+1::+1::+1: thanks for the advice I will probably drill some more holes aswell