Hurricane vs Motley Name

I know some people have selectively bred hurricanes with rings around the circles.

Is there a name for selectively breeding motleys with the connected saddles and circles to go the length of the body to the tail?

Not the top, but the one underneath.



Sounds like you might be describing Pinstripe motley (if all or most of the dots are connected into a stripe) or Q-tip motley if groups of two dots are connected (making a Q-tip shape). If you have a picture as an example, that would help.


I edited my OP for ya. Sorry for the confusion.

I think I stole the pic and bastardized it from SMR.


The bottom pic looks like a standard motley pattern to me.


Motley currently presents as one of 6 ways:

Classic/standard motley - this is the connected saddles down the back forming circles/dots. Level of expression does have a selective breeding quality to it

Hurricane motley - this is a classic motley with frosting in the saddles causing the color to ‘concentrate’ around the dots, forming a ring

Q-tip motley - this is where some of the circles in the classic motley start stretching and connecting with one another, 2 to 4 spots at a time

Pinstripe motley - most or all of the circles are connected, leaving a narrow line down the spine instead of the typical circles

Banded motley - instead of forming circles at all, the saddles stretch downwards to connect to the belly

Leopard motley - rarest pattern, looks like what would happen if you tried to have a pinstripe and a banded motley on the same animal. The pattern is relegated to large blotches on the side with no pattern over the spine


Thank you for the educated replies…

I’ve often seen the dotted motley pattern down the neck, but they seem to stop connecting around the back area.

For some reason, I haven’t seen too many “dots” continuing down to the tail (although I have seen some.)

Since I know hurricane is bred for, is this neck to tail classic “dot” motley pattern bred for as well- or is it usually just “whatever pops out- pops out”?


I’m not sure if there’s a specific name for that look, but I know what you mean. It’s probably a bit polygenic and a bit line bred.


I think that this used to be more available. I seemed to see more of them, say ten years ago. It seems like it’s something which could be selectively bred, just as the hurricane pattern can be selectively bred. I have seen the term “polka dot motley” used for individuals with this pattern.


Thank you. That gives me something to look for.